The constant dissatisfaction of an Artist

Have you ever heard of the term creative tension?

I was searching for some stock imagery for a design and when I looked up the word ” tension” the term creative tension appeared. Creative tension is the constant feeling of dissatisfaction with your current reality because your inner reality looks different then your outer reality. In other words you have a goal or a dream and you still haven’t gotten “there”. But this tension is what makes  people do great things, it’s what companies use as fuel to grow and be innovative it’s what Artist use to become better Artist.  The problem with creative tension among Artist is that we sometimes suffer too much because of this creative tension and because us Artist are a bit more sensitive the most people we at times fall into depression because our dream isn’t arriving fast enough, even if you’ve accomplished part of your dream, it doesn’t feel that way because the deeper you dive into achieving your dreams the stronger the tension becomes. So if you are feeling sad or depressed because your dream isn’t coming as fast as you’d like it’s ok, It’s just your creative tension telling you to look for other ways to get there. Feel happy you have creative tension, you have dreams! Celebrate that! But if you want some actionable tips on how to deal with the tension better here are 3 tips. 1. Look for things in your life to feel grateful for 2. Write down everything you’ve learned and accomplished the past 2 years. 3. Connect to people, reach out, have coffee with them share you what you’re up, at the end of the day your success relies on how well you connect with people and your persistence with your vision. 3. Start a creative project for yourself, for instance: i have been knee deep learning online marketing and I had forgotten about my photography and I was starting to feel the tension so my new project is to animate my photography, to create videos out of my work which I’m pretty excited about and my tension turned into inspiration. Just like that. So don’t beat yourself up, it’s ok to feel tension, be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and go out and talk to people. Would love know your thoughts on creative tension.


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