What your favorite color says about you

In this blog series you will find out what is means to be attracted to that specific color you are so attracted and how to pick the right colors for your brand or clients brand to attract your ideal client.

I’ve always loved color but in the last 6 years I’ve become obsessed with color. Why are we attracted to certain colors, why are we repelled by certain colors?

I don’t think it’s a simple matter of taste and if it is, taste is not simple. Taste comes from within—from the inner world of a complicated human being. In fact nothing that comes from a human being is that simple.

So I’ve observed and I’ve researched color from every perspective possible and what I’ve found is something very simple and complicated at the same time. So please open your minds and entertain these ideas without letting you brain kill it by over judging the idea.

Color is simply light bouncing back from a surface. But the question remains; why are we attracted to certain light frequency or repelled by others? Well, light is energy and humans are energy.

In fact everything is energy! and similar to how our circulatory system circulates our blood throughout our body, we also have energy meridians and centers that help circulate our energy throughout our body.

This knowledge originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest texts called the Vedas. Each of these energy centers are associated with a color and a specific organ or gland. From years of quiet observation and some testing, I found that people are attracted or repelled by certain colors depending on what energy center they mainly operate from.

Meaning that if a certain part of the body is circulating energy better then others, then they look for that energy and because energy is light and light translates to color then we seek color to complement what’s happening in our inner world. Thus repelling the energy we are not circulating that well.

I have found this to be extremely accurate in my life. When I looked back at my life, I noticed that the colors I wore and chose to have around me were directly correlated with my emotional state in that period of time.

I also found that this also applies to brands and their target audience.

a Colorful you or a colorful brand

If you are working on a brand targeting creative people or children it is an obvious choice to use lots of color. Children are happy people they are open and receptive to new ideas. They may throw tantrum but they get over them quickly and move on. They are kind, non-judgemental but most of all imaginative. People who love color are imaginative and cheerful. I do know people who are cheerful and they happen to hate color but I find that these people act from a learned behavior not from a SELF expression. I find that people that are repelled by lots of color are very opinionated and judgemental. This is not to say that people who don’t like color are bad people. It just means that they operate from past experiences in order to protect themselves and the judgements are merely defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt. I know this from my personal experience.

When I was little, I was clear of what I loved doing and I practiced it often. It was just disregarded as “child play”. I knew I loved creating things with my hands, drawing and painting and I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I knew all of that. I was joyful, I was loving, I was compassionate and respectful.

At this point of my life I loved color, when my mom took me shopping I looked for the most colorful shoes in the store. I wore big rainbow bows on my hair and I demanded play. I demanded to do what I loved doing.

But I had one dream and often prayed and rubbed the green hair of a plastic troll that my wish to live in Miami with my dad would come true. Time after time our visas were declined and when I was 4, out of desperation of being near my dad my mom decided to migrate to Miami illegally.

I remember feeling safe because I was with my mom. From this experience I only remember glimpses. I remember wearing a bright pink sweat suit with a kite printed on the chest. I remember having to cross a river, hiding behind a bush and then seeing red and blue lights.

Then I remember being in a cold room where everyone was wearing orange jumpsuits except for us. Later after the experience my mom told me that because of me we didn’t have to wear the “orange jumpsuits”. So we were sent back to Colombia and spent 6 years after that waiting to reunite with my dad.

The colors began to fade...

When I was 10 years old we were granted our visa and I couldn’t be more joyful. Soon after, the time came to go to school. I went from an all girl catholic school to South Miami Middle School (traumatizing to say the least). In the process of trying to fit in, I lost myself. My only mission was to fit in and I began to emulate my surroundings and soon I went from a little girl who loved Thumbellina to dressing like a wanna-be

I observed my peers and saw that the most popular kids were those who dressed in
baggy clothes, big hoop earrings, and dark brown lipstick. I copied everything, so much so that the “popular” kids began to notice me. But, not in the way I’d hoped. They began to call me names and bully me until I stood up for myself. But the day I stood up for myself, that day, I was beat up and I was scared I literally peed my pants. This event changed everything, I became withdrawn and shy. I was afraid of speaking and sat in the back of the classroom sleeping and hoping no one would speak to me.

I was so withdrawn that my peers in High School referred to me as “slow-Angelica”. I knew they called me this but I didn’t know they actually thought I had a mental disability until a girl came up to me and said; “ it’s ok you’re slow, my sister’s slow too, I understand”. I was shocked but didn’t know what to answer. My traumatic experience had trained my brain not to speak because if I spoke something horrible would happen.

A few years went by and I remained in this dormant state and I began to hate color. By the time I was 14 I hated color, all of my clothes is my closet were black.

Read my post about the color black.



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