When to use red in your brand

Red is the color of our first energy center. This energy center deals with our feeling of safety, of belonging and feeling welcomed. Most people operate from the first energy center.

It is everything earthly. Aside from blue and yellow, red is the most used color in American logos. Safety is what America aims to make us feel through car insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, stable jobs and retirement plans.

These all give you a false sense of safety and security because once you don’t have  one of these you no longer feel safe. Red is a color used frequently by people who make decisions based on “is this safe?” “can I trust?” But similar to those who wear a lot of black, red people need special reassurance that you can be trusted. They also rely highly on intellect to make a decision. If you are working on a brand targeting the masses red is a good bet. Red, black, grey, white and blue are great colors for mass distribution products. Through shape, form and content you can narrow down on your audience a little better and target younger or older audiences.

However, typically this is the color of choice for people in their teens to mid 50’s, after that people began to open up and reflect upon their life and they begin to like neutral colors. This is why the elderly love earth colors.  But we should be able to go through the earth color stage in our teens, not our 60’s when we have time to sit and think. These human development stages are a little delayed because of our education and economic system.  If you want to build a brand targeting red people, make sure you have a lot of social proof and credibility tittles or logos.  Your sales pitch should include numbers and statistics.


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