When to choose orange for your Brand

Orange is the color of your second energy center. This is where all of your charisma, your creativity and warmth lives. When a person wears a lot of orange or is very attracted to orange, this means they are creative, fun and charismatic. Of course, there is always the shadow side of each color, for instance if a person only likes one color and dislikes the rest. They may be over using that specific energy center and the shadow side of that energy center takes over.

But for the sake of simplicity, in this series I am not going to talk about the shadow side. Some branding people say that orange is associated with inexpensive products but I highly disagree. I think color can only help you attract your dream audience and your content and design can communicate the value of your brand.  If you know your target audience is youthful, fun and vibrant you can’t go wrong with orange but if you want to neutralize its vibrancy you can always add black, white or grey. This is always a good trick to have under your sleeve if your clients wants you to use a specific color and still target the masses, use black, white or grey in the majority of the design and use your client’s choice as an accent color.

I remember when I went through my orange stage, my towels were orange, my bed covers were orange, my accessories. In this period of my life I was my most creative. I had just gotten back from a trip to the Amazon and I felt invisible. I created a jewelry line, I met wonderful people, I met my husband, I was so energetic and alive, I became pregnant with my daughter… I loved my orange stage.

So in conclusion, if you want to attract people who make their decisions based on whether something is going to bring them joy, or whether the product or activity will be fun or not, orange is your color. Orange is also your color if your are making products for children 3+.

Have fun and good luck!

Let me know if you have any comments or questions on the comments below.

Angelica Hoyos


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