When to choose green for your brand

Green is the energy of your heart center. When a person is attracted or wears a lot of green it means they are empathetic, they feel other people’s troubles or happiness. They are often charitable and great gift givers. If they wear too much green they may be a bit too emotional and can’t get themselves into action.

If you want to attract clients who care for nature and who are conscious about their food, use green in your branding. You can narrow down on the age demographics by lightening or darkening the color.

The brighter the color, the younger the person you will attract and when the color is darker it attracts older people. When colors start to get really dark–almost black they tend to have a neutral effect. Take Starbucks for instance. Their logo is green, but is so dark I can almost dismiss the logo from being  green.

One of my favorite colors is green and I am indeed a nature lover and conscious eater. I look for products with minimal processing and yes, most of these products have some green in them. I would say that 80% of the products I consume have some green on their branding. My sage and Cedar body spray, the Evolution brand juices I buy for my daughter, the potato chips fried in avocado oil and many more.

So you want to attract the sensitive hippiesh person? green is your color, remember, you can make it neutral by adding white, black or white to your spaces or designs.

Later I’ll write about color combination for now at least you know which main color to use.

Stay healthy and be kind

Angelica Hoyos


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